Skil 7492 Orbital Sanders

Skil 7492 Orbital SanderThe 7492 model from Skil incorporates some of the latest technologies in orbital sanders while still maintaining an afforable price. New innovations such as Pressure Control technology and micro-filtration dust collection combine with the quality and affordability of Skil orbital sanders to make an excellent product.

Many of the Skil sanders on the market today feature Pressure Control technology, and the 7492 is no exception. This feature allows you to view a set of lights that let you know whether you are pushing too hard or not hard enough while you sand. A sensor in the sanding pad makes this possible. Using this feature ensures you are getting the best results possible. A pad brake also helps to keep your workpiece free from scratches and gouges.

This sander also features on-board dust collection, with built in suction holes in the sanding pad. These holes suck up dust into the dust canister, which is clear so you know when it needs to be emptied. A micro-filtration device inside the canister filters out even the finest dust particles, keeping your workplace clean and preventing you from breathing it in. A vacuum hose port is also included so that the 7492 can be hooked up to a shop vac with ease. Doing this will provide even better dust collection performance.

The Skil 7492 is a very nice value. This kit is priced very competitively, and comes with three sandpaper sheets so you can get started right away. A lot of technology is packed into this machine, and you will not find these innovations in another orbital sander at this price level.

Skil 7492 Orbital Sander
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