Skil 7490 Orbital Sanders

Skil 7490 Orbital SanderThe 7490 orbital sander from Skil is a solid, durable machine at a competitive price. While it may not have all of the technologies and features of other sanders on the market, it simply works and works well.

This machine features a 2.6 Amp motor which orbits at 12,000 orbits per minute. With a circular sanding pad measuring five inches in diameter, you can move through material much faster than traditional 1/4 sheet sanders.

The sanding pad features eight suction holes for dust collection, and a hook and loop design for easy attachment and removal of sandpaper. The on-board dust canister features a micro-filter, which catches all of the ultra-fine dust particles. This keeps your lungs healthy and workplace clean while you sand.

A soft grip rubberized body makes sanding with the 7490 very enjoyable, even if for an extended period of time. The trigger is located on the top of the tool for easy manipulation with one hand, and is sealed to prevent any dust buildup.

While there are other orbital sanders on the market today with more features and accessories, they also come at a higher price. The 7490 from Skil is an excellent machine for do-it-yourselfers out there and hobbyist woodworkers alike.

Skil 7490 Orbital Sander
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