Ridgid ZRR2611 Orbital Sanders

Ridgid ZRR2611 Orbital Sander The ZRR2611 orbital sander is another feature-packed offering from Ridgid. This sander is a durable, high quality machine that has the power you need to take on woodworking tasks of any kind. The body shape is comfortable in your hand and is well balanced, so there is very little vibration while you work.

The ZRR2611 provides you the versatility you need to take on a multitude of sanding jobs. Dual random orbit settings allow you to slow down the machine to put the finishing touches on your work surface, or speed it up to remove material in a hurry. Electronic speed settings allow you to range this sander from 4,000 to 10,000 orbits per minute. An extra large sanding pad is 6 inches in diameter, meaning more coverage in less time.

Many other features are included to enhance your sanding experience. A Soft Start pad brake ensures this sander will stop and start gently, which will prevent gouges and scratches on your workpiece. Change sanding discs in and out easily with the Micro Fiber hook and loop system. You will not need any tools to swap out sandpaper of different grits with the ZRR2611.

On-board dust collection in also included with this sander. A cloth dust bag is attached directly to the machine to collect sawdust as it is created. This bag can be removed easily so that a vacuum hose can be attached to the ZRR2611. Doing this will provide even great dust collecting capabilities, meaning cleaner air while you sand and less cleanup time afterwards. A vacuum hose of 1-1/4 or 2-1/4 inches can be hooked up to this orbital sander.

If you are someone who needs a sander that is more powerful and durable that most machines on the market today, then the ZRR2611 is the one for you. This machine is loaded with features that will make your sanding experience an enjoyable, even if you are sanding for hours at a time. See why this orbital sander has some of the highest ratings and reviews from customers and industry sources.

Ridgid ZRR2611 Orbital Sander
A durable sanding machine for professionals and serious hobbyists.
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