Ridgid ZRR2600 Orbital Sanders

Ridgid ZRR2600 Orbital SanderThe Ridgid ZRR2600 random orbit sander is the perfect sander for the do-it-yourself handyman. It handles jobs around the house with ease, packing plenty of power with a 3 amp motor, and 7,000 to 12,000 rotations per minute. This sander has a nice heft when you hold it, a sign that it is solid and well built. It has a pretty comfortable grip, and sands surfaces quickly and efficiently without leaving any swirl marks. It is also easy to maneuver around the workpiece, and can go for quite some time without overheating or slowing down. Variable speeds also make this Ridgid sander move through material quickly and effectively. The ZRR2600 is fairly quiet as far as orbital sanders go, and exchanging sanding pads is quick and easy. Two types of sanding pads can be used - hook and loop and adhesive pads.

Dust collection is handled with a cloth bag, but a vacuum hose can be attached with no additional attachments needed. With the vacuum hose attached, dust is nearly nonexistent while sanding. It is probably one of the best dust collection systems you will find among comparable orbital sanders.

A couple of other nice features include a 12 foot long power cord, which has a light at the plug end and a strap to wrap it up with. A sturdy injection molded case can take on a lot of abuse while protecting this sander and just in case it doesn't, this sander comes with a one year factory warranty.

Overall, this is a solid sander for a very reasonable price. If you are a professional looking for a heavy duty tool, you will want to look elsewhere. But if you are looking for a reliable sander to have around the house for home improvement jobs, and do not want to spend a lot of money, then this sander is for you.

Ridgid ZRR2600 Orbital Sander
A great sander for woodworking projects around the house at a very affordable price.
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