Porter-Cable 7346SP Orbital Sanders

Porter-Cable 7346SP Orbital SanderFollowing in a long line of high quality products from Porter-Cable, the 7346SP orbital sander provides power and versatility, while ensuring durability and affordability that you have come to expect from this brand.

The 7346SP features a powerful 4 Amp motor, which is more than enough to cut through any old layers of finish or paint. This motor gives this machine the extra push needed to maintain a constant speed while you work, no matter how hard you push down. While all of this power is available, it is not always needed - especially when putting the finishing touches on a project. The people at Porter-Cable understand this, and have incorporated variable speed settings, which allow you to range the 7346SP from 2,500 to 6,800 orbits per minute. This ensures you will always be able to tailor this sander to the task at hand.

In addition to variable speeds, the 7346SP also comes with a polisher attachment. This attachment gives you even greater control over the outcome of your project, as you can polish your surface as smooth as you desire. This machine also has a body design that is very comfortable to use, and the right angle handle gives you the control you need to maneuver this machine exactly as you desire. An extra large sanding pad measures six inches in diameter, helping you cover ground faster and work more efficiently.

If you are looking for sanding machine that truly can take your project from start to finish, the 7346SP is what you need. This tool is powerful enough to do the rough sanding at the beginning of the project, but also can be slowed down to provide excellent control over the finished product. Couple all of this with a 100% roller and ball bearing construction, an excellent price and a great reputation like Porter-Cable, and you cannot go wrong with this machine.

Porter-Cable 7346SP Orbital Sander
A powerful sander with an innovative design will change your opinion of hand sanders.
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