Porter-Cable 390K Orbital Sanders

Porter-Cable 390K Orbital SanderThe Porter-Cable 390K random orbital sander has a truly unique take on design and function. Even the first time using this sander, the many efficiencies achieved by the 390K are very clear.

This sander has a low profile body shape -which takes some getting used to- and is less bulky and lighter (only 2.1 pounds) than most sanders. It is very handy for sanding corners and other tight spaces. Being about 30% shorter than other orbital sanders also allows for more control and precision when sanding, which is always essential for providing a good finish to your project.

The 3.5 Amp EnduraTech brushless motor boasts impressive power and stock removal, and the Electronic Load Control ensures that you will get consistent, smooth sanding no matter how hard you push. EnduraTech motors enhance every part of sander operation. Most notably, they have about 71% fewer wearable parts, meaning this motor will last up to ten times longer than a traditional orbital sander motor.

An electronic motor brake spins down the sander in about a quarter of the time of a traditional power sander, meaning you will be spending less time waiting and more time getting work done. Another brake, this one on the sanding pad, reduces free spin - which is important for reducing gouging and other sanding imperfections.

Vibration is almost non-existent with the 390K, another great feature. No matter what speed you run this sander at (speeds range from 7000 OPM to 12,000 OPM), your hand will feel comfortable on the rubber grip handle for long periods of time. The variable speeds transition smoothly from one setting to another, and the higher speeds remove stock very aggressively without having to push too hard or being difficult to control.

The 390K also features on board dust collection, and accomodates 8-hole hook and loop sanding pads. You also have the option to hook up to a shop vacuum - the dust port accepts hoses from 1 to 1.5 inches.

While this sander costs a little more than some others on the market, it truly is worth every penny. The unique design both inside and out will ensure that you get your money's worth for years to come.

Porter-Cable 390K Orbital Sander
A powerful sander with an innovative design will change your opinion of hand sanders.
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