Porter-Cable 382 Orbital Sanders

Porter-Cable 382 Orbital SanderPorter-Cable has specialized in making simple yet effective orbital sanders for many years. The 382 model is no exception, and is an excellent option for any casual woodworker or home handyman. This sander is well built, and provides the features and functionality you need at a very competitive price.

The 382 model has many of the same features that you will find in other Porter-Cable orbital sanders. It features a 100% sealed ball bearing construction, meaning it will last longer than traditional sanders. The power switch is completely sealed from sawdust, preventing ingestion of particles which can lead to switch failure. These design details along with many others do everything possible to extend the life of the 382, so that your investment is maximized.

In addition to being well constructed, the 382 is also a pleasure to use. The machine weighs only 3.0 pounds, and has a dual-plane counter balanced fan to reduce vibration. Less vibration means less fatigue for your hands as you work, so you can get the job sooner and with less physical effort.

While the 382 does not have variable speed capabilities, it does feature a controlled finishing system which maintains a controllable pad speed while you work. This also helps prevent any potential gouging or scratching that can happen when you initially start the machine. The motor provides 1.9 Amps of power and the 382 operates at 12,000 orbits per minute. This high orbit speed allows you to work quickly through stock when you need to, and provides the speed necessary to apply a smooth finish at the end of a project.

The 382 has a sanding pad that is 5 inches in diameter, and contains 8 suction holes to feed the on-board dust collection canister. Sanding discs can easily be changed out with the hook and loop sanding pad design.

All in all, the 382 is a nice sander that is easy to use. While it may not have all of the features and functions found in other orbital sanders, it is an affordable, quality machine that will help you get your work done efficiently for years to come.

Porter-Cable 382 Orbital Sander
A perfect orbital sander for any household. Many features set it apart from the pack.
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