Porter-Cable 343VSK Orbital Sanders

Porter-Cable 343VSK Orbital SanderThe 343VSK random orbital sander is the latest offering from Porter Cable. It replaces the very popular and durable 333 model, and does a good job of measuring up to the good reputation all Porter Cable products have. The 343VSK is a bit heavier than the 333 model, and has a slightly larger head cap grip. The head cap is rubberized and does a good job of reducing vibration. Although this sander is heavier it is well balanced, making for an even finish, and adding some power without any effort from the operator. The 3 amp motor is very powerful and will move through material at a surprising rate on the highest setting. A variable speed dial ranges the sanding speeds from 7,500-12,000 orbits per minute, giving you the flexibility needed for any project. The on/off switch is located in a spot that is easy to reach, and the sanding pad brake does a great job of stopping the sander when it is removed from the piece. Just another way the 343VSK is set apart from the pack.

Changing sandpaper in and out is very easy with the 343VSK, which features a hook and loop rubberized sanding pad. The sanding pad has five holes for dust collection, meaning most older five inch sanding disks you may have lying around will not go to waste. The on-board dust collection canister does a decent job, but like all handheld sanders, a vacuum hose attachment is the way to go. This particular sander features a dual dust port that can accomodate 1 and 1 1/2 inch vacuum hoses.

The 343VSK comes with a nice sturdy carrying case, complete with a spot for extra sanding disks. Between the excellent price, carrying case, Porter Cable reputation, and convenience of hook and loop sanding pads and dust collection, this sander will not disappoint.

Porter-Cable 343VSK Orbital Sander
An orbital sander that is easy to use and comfortable. Variable speeds add the versatility to handle any project.
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