Porter-Cable 343K Orbital Sanders

Porter-Cable 343K Orbital SanderThe 343K is the next generation random orbit sander from Porter-Cable, improving on the already impressive 333 model. It features a powerful 3 amp motor, which does not bog down when applying pressure while sanding. This makes for a sander powerful enough to remove burn and saw marks with ease, and precise enough to leave zero swirl marks - perfect for any and all light to medium duty jobs around the house. Vibration is minimal when sanding as well, making the 343K easier to control and more comfortable to use. Along with improved comfort from the 333, the clutch mechanism has also improved. This sander practically stops when you remove it from your project, a nice touch so you do not have to wait for it to stop spinning before you set it down.

A dust collection canister comes along, but the real value is in the vacuum hose port, located in the base of the canister (another enhancement from the 333). The port secures the hose nicely, and puts it in a place where it is not in the way. The sanding pad on the 343K has 8 suction holes as opposed to 5 on the 333, yet another improvement. Don't worry however - if you have a lot of 5 hole sandpaper stored up, the 5 hole sanding pad from the 333 will fit the 343K.

Another improvement from the 333 is the in the plastic hood that covers the sanding pad. It is large enough that you can go into an inside corner without damaging either the pad or the workpiece itself. You can also pop the top off of the 343K to clean out the inside of the machine, an invaluable feature that will keep your sander running for years with regular attention.

A solid carrying case, along with a longer power cord puts this sander over the top in terms of enhancements and improvements. The 343K is well built, and carrys on the Porter-Cable tradition of quality, high-performance sanders at reasonable prices.

Porter-Cable 343K Orbital Sander
A perfect orbital sander for any household. Many features set it apart from the pack.
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