Milwaukee 6021-21 Orbital Sanders

Milwaukee 6021-21 Orbital SanderThe Milwaukee 6021-21 random orbital sander is the latest in a long line of high quality products from Milwaukee. The 6021-21 is lightweight, quick and comfortable to use. Even though it is effortless to use, it is not lacking in power by any means. You do not have to push down very hard (if at all) to get the job done, and the superior weighting and balance of this sander leaves a better finish in less time. The 6021-21 runs smooth and quiet, and does a great job of moving through material quickly without leaving swirl marks. Along with being lightweight, the 6021-21 barely vibrates, making long sanding sessions, including vertical sanding sessions comfortable and convenient.

Variable speeds are available on this sander, and the knob is positioned in a great place where it will not be accidently bumped. The upper motor vents are also placed strategically, so that your hands do not block them while sanding. Many sanders with poorly placed vents will overheat and cut your sanding session short, but not the 6021-21. When shutting down this machine, it stops spinning softly and quickly, so you can set it down sooner without doing any damage to the machine or your piece.

The 6021-21 comes with a cloth dust collection bag, which works well. For better results, use the built-in vacuum hose attachment, which is built very well. It latches to the vacuum hose very securely, preventing it from vibrating loose, which can be a problem with other orbital sanders.

Along with all of these great features, the 6021-21 random orbital sander from Milwaukee features a 12 foot power cord, a carrying case, and a 5 year warranty which just underscores the durability Milwakee is famous for. At a very affordable price, you cannot go wrong with this sander.

Milwaukee 6021-21 Orbital Sander
Durable, powerful, well-designed and well-constructed. Add a 5-year warranty and there is nothing not to like about this sander.
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