Metabo SXE450 Orbital Sanders

Metabo SXE450 Orbital SanderWhen looking at different orbital sanders on the market today, all of the machines fall into two different categories. Some sanders are made for personal use around the home, and others are contractor grade machines made to withstand years of punishment. The SXE 450 from Metabo is a durable, contractor grade orbital sander made to take on the heaviest tasks.

The SXE 450 is like all Metabo sanders in the fact that it is designed to be almost vibration free. You will be amazed at how little movement you feel in your hands while sanding. The makes sanding very comfortable, and can keep you on the job for hours on end. The SXE 450 is designed with ball and roller bearings and a dual orbit motion, which remove as much material as possible while keeping vibration to a minimum.

Although the SXE 450 may not feel like it is doing much, rest assured it has the power you need. Variable speed settings allow you to take this sander from 8,400 orbits per minute all the way up to a whopping 22,000 orbits per minute. With this kind of power, no sanding job is too big for this machine.

Like many other orbital sanders in it's class the SXE 450 also features on board dust collection, and hook and loop sanding pads, which make for easy changeout of different grits. Enjoy the power, comfort and convenience that comes with this machine for years to come.

Metabo SXE450 Orbital Sander
The perfect blend of power, durability and balance.
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