Metabo FSX200 Orbital Sanders

Metabo FSX200 Orbital SanderThere are many orbital sanders on the market today. Some are geared towards occasional household use, or do-it-yourself types who tackle home improvement projects on the weekends. The FSX200 random orbital sander from Metabo is none of these things. If you are serious about sanding and need a machine that is durable, powerful and built to last, then consider one of these high powered machines.

The FSX200, like all Metabo sanders, is built to be almost completely void of all vibration. An advanced body design, along with a ball and roller bearing construction give you the ability to remove as much stock as possible while producing a vibration free sanding experience. This design makes the FSX200 tough, lightweight, and easy on the hands, even when sanding for extended periods of time.

This sander is also one of the few you will find that has a dual orbit motion, which provides for even more stability and a better overall finish while sanding. Avoid scratches and swirl marks on your workpiece by using a sanding machine that is properly balanced and free of extra vibration. On board dust collection is also provided in the form of a dust collection bag along with holes in the sanding pad.

Metabo products are known in the professional world as some of the best tools in the business. These tools, including the FSX200, stand the test of time and give you the power and longevity you desire. See why this sanding machine is the preferred choice of serious craftsmen everywhere.

Metabo FSX200 Orbital Sander
An orbital sander that is easy to use for extended periods of time.
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