Metabo Orbital Sanders

Metabo FSX200

Metabo FSX200 Orbital Sanders

The FSX200 orbital sander is a high quality sanding machine made for the serious woodworker. This machine features advanced ball and roller bearing contruction that almost completely eliminates vibration and provides a high powered, balanced sanding experience.

Metabo SXE450

Metabo SXE450 Orbital Sanders

The SXE450 orbital sander is an excellent contractor grade machine. This sander features the power that few sanders can match, ranging all the way up to 22,000 orbits per minute.

Metabo SXE400

Metabo SXE400 Orbital Sanders

The SXE400 orbital sander is a sanding machine that fits a specific need. If you find yourself frustrated because you are unable to reach certain spots on your workpiece with a traditional orbital sander, then this sander is right for you.