Makita BO6040 Orbital Sanders

Makita BO6040 Orbital SanderMakita orbital sanders have long been some of the most trusted and enduring machines in the power tool market. The 6040 orbital sander aims to improve over previous models by doing everything better - less vibration and noise while adding power and sanding speed. This machine hits the mark in every category and is one of the best orbital sanders currently offered by Makita.

The 6040 comes with a 6.6 Amp motor, which is one of the largest motors you will find on a handheld orbital sander. However, this machine does not just provide raw power. Innovative engineering allows you to harness the power of this sander in two different modes. The first is called 'random orbit action', which is your traditional orbital sanding mode. The second is called 'random orbit with forced rotation', which allows you to very aggressively remove stock. This combination of power and design makes this sander one of the most effective at rapid stock remove that we have ever seen in a handheld model. In addition to the dual modes, a variable speed control setting allows you to range the sander anywhere from 1,600 to 5,800 orbits per minute. You can tailor this machine perfectly to whatever task you have in front of you.

Because the 6040 packs so much power, it is not the lightest sander you will find. Weighing in at 5.9 pounds, it feels solid and well constructed in your hand. The body design does everything possible to make your sanding experience comfortable, keeping the machine compact in height and small in diameter at the grip areas. A two handed grip design also makes this machine more manageable for extended periods of use. This design is surprisingly ergonomic and as a bonus, you get the added versatility of sanding in places larger machines cannot reach.

Many of the other features of the 6040 are fairly standard, and things that you would expect from a sander of this caliber. There is an on-board dust port, hook-and-loop sanding pad for easy disc change-out, and more. What sets this machine apart from other sanders on the market is the incredible power and versatility it provides. It does this while reducing noise by half and vibration by 20 percent, so you can work efficiently and comfortably day in and day out.

Makita BO6040 Orbital Sander
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