Makita BO6030 Orbital Sanders

Makita BO6030 Orbital SanderThe BO6030 random orbital sander has a ton of great features, and is another quality product from Makita. Before even turning the sander on, you can see what a great design it has. It is a pistol-grip sander, with a second handle for two handed sanding. The second handle is optional and can be removed, handy when you are sanding in tight spaces. Whether you are using this sander one or two handed, you will notice the excellent balance, comfort and control. This is due not only to the superb design, but also the rubberized rear handle which reduces vibration to almost nothing. The trigger on the main handle locks in place so you can sand for a long time with little discomfort.

The BO6030 also features variable speed operation, allowing you to range the orbits per minute anywhere from 4000 to 10000. The speed control dial is positioned perfectly. It can be adjusted with either hand without having to take your hands off the handles. The variable speeds coupled with solid power and easy handling produce excellent results. A great swirl free finish is almost automatic for anyone who uses this sander.

The dust collection system works well, and is very versatile. The 6 inch sanding pad accepts either 6 or 8 hole sanding disks (for a whopping total of 12 holes in the pad), and has an extra hole in the center of the disk for even greater suction. This is part of a 'through the pad' dust collection system that really seems to work well. A dust bag does a nice job collecting, and is easy to take on and off to empty. Hook and loop sanding pads can also be changed in and out with little effort.

Overall, the Makita BO6030 delivers everything you could want in an orbital sander. It is comfortable, easy to use, built well and dependable. There is nothing fancy about it, it simply gets the job done. On top of that, it is well priced and will be a fixture in your woodshop for years to come.

Makita BO6030 Orbital Sander
This durable sander with a smart design will not disappoint.
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