Makita BO5030K Orbital Sanders

Makita BO5030K Orbital Sander When you hear about Makita and their tools, you start to hear one word over and over - quality. The BO5030K Random Orbital Sander from Makita is no exception. This sturdy little machine is lightweight at 2.6 pounds, but a 3 amp motor gives you all the power you could ask for. Do not be afraid to use this sander for big projects, the BO5030K and it's 12,000 orbits per minute can handle it. When you apply pressure it will continue to sand evenly and consistently, unlike some other major brands.

A rubberized grip helps the comfort level while sanding, but is probably not even necessary since this sander is so lightweight and easy to use. There is so little vibration that you could easily sand for hours without getting tired.

There is a built-in dust collection system, which seems to work pretty well. The dust bag can be adjusted to 12 different positions which helps this sander get in to more tight spots. The BO5030K has a vacuum hose port and it is recommended that you use this instead of the dust bag for better dust collection. This sander takes 5 inch hook-and-loop sanding disks which are very standard in the industry. They are easy to find and making changing grits very simple and fast. The carrying case is a nice bonus, but you will not want to ever put this thing away! This sander truly is one of the most comfortable and efficient hand tools you will ever use.

Makita BO5030K Orbital Sander
This sander packs power while still providing comfort, making your sanding experience a good one.
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