Makita BO5012K Orbital Sanders

Makita BO5012K Orbital SanderThe Makita BO5012K random orbital sander has a lot of fans, much like any Makita product. This 2 amp machine may feel small and light (only 2.6 pounds!) in your hand, but it is not lacking power or durability in any way. It sands extremely smooth, leaving a great finish with little effort. With the right sanding pad, you can get any job done. Despite its great power, the BO5012K is quiet, easy to control and very comfortable in your hand. It keeps vibration to a minimum reducing hand fatigue, allowing you to work on your project as long as you want. Vibration is less than comparable Porter Cable and DeWalt orbital sanders, which is a big plus. The variable speed controls allow you to get comfortable with this sander, and ease your way into any project. The lower speeds are great for finishing and polishing, or when you do not want to remove too much material. The higher speeds remove material at up to 12,000 orbits per minute, quick enough to sand through a high volume of wood relatively quickly.

This sander also features a dust collection bag, which does an adequate job. Hook it up to a vacuum hose if possible to see a huge difference in performance. Hook and loop sanding pads make changing paper in and out very simple. A carrying case is included, a nice bonus, as is the 1-year warranty. For the money, it is very hard to beat this sander. Comparable random orbital sanders by Porter Cable and DeWalt are also good products, but the comfort and ease of use of the Makita BO5012K cannot be beaten.

Makita BO5012K Orbital Sander
Lightweight, quiet and easy to use. A great sander for the novice and professional alike.
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