Kawasaki 840247 Orbital Sanders

Kawasaki 840247 Orbital SanderWhen it comes to power sanders, everyone thinks of the big name brands, such as DeWalt, Bosch, Milwaukee and Porter-Cable. But for those willing to look outside of the these familiar names some very good values can be found. This is especially true with the 840247 orbital sander from Kawasaki.

This sander features an ergonomic design that makes it very enjoyable to use. An anti-fatigue grip combines with a light weight to make tasks such as sanding above your head very easy, even for extended periods of time. Changing sanding discs is also simple with the hook and loop sanding pad, which is 5 inches in diameter.

The 840247 also has most of the features you would expect from the other brands. The motor is 2.6 Amps, which is powerful enough to take on most jobs. A variable speed setting allows you to range the sander speed from 9,000 to 12,000 orbits per minute, and an on-board dust collection bag is included. One additional feature is the ability of the dust collection bag to rotate 360 degrees, which can provide some much needed flexibility in tight spots.

The first thing you notice about the 840247 is the trademark Kawasaki bright green body. This machine stands out in a crowd not only for its color, but also for its incredible price. If you are looking for a sander to do quick jobs around the house, this light duty machine is perfect for you.

Kawasaki 840247 Orbital Sander
A sanding machine complete with all of the features you need for a price you can afford.
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