Hitach SV12SG Orbital Sanders

Hitachi SV12SG Orbital SanderThe Hitachi SV12SG truly is a unique random orbital sander. It features a palm grip design that you will not find on any other sander. While this new design can take some getting used to, it provides an ultra comfortable, soft grip while reducing vibration and giving you complete control while sanding. Although the SV12SG is quite light (weighing in at 2.4 pounds), it is not lacking in power. It is an agressive little orbital sander, coming in at 14,000 orbits per minute with a 200 Watt, 1.7 Amp motor. This sander takes 1/4 sheets of paper, and can be used with hole punched paper, or with adhesive sandpaper.

This orbital sander also features a dust collection bag, which unzips at the end for easy disposal. There is no vacuum hose port on this machine, but with the most efficient dust collection system in it's class, it is really not needed.

Overall, the Hitachi SV12SG orbital sander is a well built little machine. It is not made for commercial applications, but has plenty of power to get household jobs done with little trouble. It is priced reasonably, is comfortable and light, and does not leave a mess. What more could you want in a household sander?

Hitachi SV12SG Orbital Sander
Cutting edge design provides excellent comfort and cleanup.
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