Festool ETS 150 EQ Rotex Orbital Sanders

Festool ETS 150 EQ Orbital Sander The ETS 150 EQ random orbital sander from Festool is truly one of the highest quality sanders on the market today. Advanced features like Stop-Less speed control, a highly ergonomic design, and fully integrated dust extraction simply make this orbital sander unique. Festool has once again produced a top of the line product that cannot be matched by its competitors.

The ETS 150 EQ features variable speed settings which rang from 6,000 to 10,500 orbits per minute. This means you can adjust the sanding speed to the proper rate for the job at hand - higher speeds for quick removal of stock, or slower settings to put the finishing touches on a project. The advanced MMC electronics of the ETS 150 provide step-less speed control, as well as soft start technology that protects your work surface. Thermal and current overload protection are also built in to ensure an extended tool life.

Weighing only 4 pounds and featuring a rubber-top grip, the ETS 150 is extremely comfortable and easy to manuever while sanding. Use this machine with one or two hands and always be completely in control. A switch lock allows for continuous operation without having to hold down the switch manually, another feature that makes this machine easier and more comfortable to use. The ETS 150 is also balanced to precision, which reduces vibration while sanding.

The one of a kind Jetstream sanding pad design allows the ETS 150 to offer unmatched dust collection. With this pad, dust is extracted from your work surface as soon as it is created, providing a cleaner and healthier workplace. This sanding pad also features StickFix hook and loop design, making changing in and out different grits of sandpaper very simple.

Every single part of the ETS 150 EQ random orbital sander has been engineered to perfection. You simply will not find a better quality sander anywhere else. A 30 day money back guarantee and a three-year warranty make investing in one of these machines an easy decision.

Festool ETS 150 EQ Rotex Orbital Sander
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