Festool ETS 125 EQ Rotex Orbital Sanders

Festool ETS 125 EQ Orbital SanderThe ETS 125 EQ is another in the long line of top notch products from Festool. This sander simply does everything better than sanders from any other brand. It is loaded with features that are all innovative and well designed.

The compact body design of the ETS 125 EQ has many benefits. The small body size fits any hand easily, and gets into tight spaces with ease. Weighing just 2.4 pounds, you will be able to sand for long periods of time without getting fatigued. A well-balanced design means less vibration while you work, which is also key to reducing fatigue. Sand horizontally, vertically, or even overhead with ease using this machine.

The ETS 125 EQ provides the ability to range sanding speeds from 6,000 to 14,000 orbits per minute. This allows you to set this sander to the perfect speed for the job at hand, whether it be fast removal of material or delicate finishing touches. A pad brake stops the machine quickly when switched off, preventing any unwanted damage to the work surface.

One of the most convenient features of the ETS 125 EQ is the StickFix sanding pad design. This hook-and-loop design allows you to quickly change sanding discs of different grits in and out. As you progress through your project from coarser to finer grits, you will save a lot of set up time.

Integrated Dust Extraction

One of the things that set the ETS 125 EQ apart from other sanders is the advanced dust extraction. The Jetstream pad design allows the sander to extract sawdust from the work surface as it is created, keep the air in the workshop much more clean. This also saves a lot of cleanup time at the end of the project, as there is virtually no sawdust left when you are done working.

The ETS 125 EQ is another high quality tool from Festool. This machine comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and a three year warranty, but odds are you will be more than satisfied with this product.

Festool ETS 125 EQ Rotex Orbital Sander
A high quality machine that will be a fixture in your workshop for years.
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