Festool RO 90 DX Rotex Orbital Sanders

Festool RO 90 DX Orbital SanderThe RO 90 FEQ from Festool is one of the most versatile and easy to use machines you will find today. This sander is loaded with everything you need to take a woodworking project from start to finish.

The RO 90 FEQ is an incredibly compact and lightweight machine, with a 3.5 inch sanding pad and only weighing 3.3 pounds. This makes the RO 90 FEQ very easy to control while you work, even for extended periods of time. Work on vertical surfaces and even overhead with this lightweight, easy to handle machine.

Two different sanding modes are available in the RO 90 FEQ. The first is a gear-driven rotary mode, which features more torque at a slower speed. This is used for that tough work at the beginning of a project where you are working through old layers or paint, or something similar.

The random orbit mode is the more traditional phase. On this setting the RO 90 FEQ can be ranged from 3,500 to 7,000 orbits per minute, meaning you have all the speeds necessary to fine tune your workpiece.

An edge protector is included with the RO 90 FEQ, which helps protect any surfaces adjacent to what you are working on. Protect walls and other surfaces from unwanted marks while you sand.

The RO 90 FEQ also features StickFix hook and loop technology, which allows you to switch between sanding discs with ease. Save time and effort when you switch between grits using this tool-less changeout technique.

A delta sanding pad is also included. This pad can easily be attached to the RO 90 FEQ to sand in corners and other hard to reach areas. Polishing pads are also included with this kit, meaning you can take your project from start to finish with this one tool.

One of the most important things to consider when buying an orbital sander is the dust extraction capabilities. The RO 90 FEQ is one of the best in the business, using Jestream technology to remove over ninety-nine percent of sawdust created while sanding. This is an excellent feature because it keeps your workplace spotless and air clean while you sand.

The RO 90 FEQ is a machine unlike any other. It has unmatched versatility, and incorporates technology that other orbital sanders simply do not have. A 3 year warranty is included, making an investment in this machine a no-brainer.

Festool RO 90 DX Rotex Orbital Sander
An orbital sander packed with innovations and vesatility.
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