Fein MSF636-1 Orbital Sanders

Fein MSF636-1 Orbital SanderWhen most people think of orbital sanders, they think of small, handheld power tools that can assist in bringing a project to completion. This is all true, but Fein takes it to the next level. The MSF636-1 orbital sander is truly in a class of its own. This sanding machine has unmatched power and sanding capacity when compared to other orbital sanders, and it isn't even close.

A powerful 380 watt motor gets the MSF636-1 up to 7,500 orbits per minute, which is faster than any other sander you will find. This machine has the power to easily work through any material up to 30% faster than other sanders. Even with hardwoods you will find yourself sanding without effort and very comfortably. An extra large 6 inch sanding pad also gives you more sanding surface area, allowing you to work through sanding projects quickly and efficiently.

Besides the power and time savings, the other feature that will blow you away is the direct dust extraction. 8 individual holes are in the sanding pad, which provide suction to vacuum sawdust as soon as it is created. A vacuum hose can be attached to the port, so that sawdust goes directly to a vacuum receptacle. This will save you even more time at the end when it is time to clean up. The sanding pad has a hook and loop design, which means that switching grits is simple.

When using this machine, you will be surprised just how quickly it moves through material compared to other orbital sanders. However the MSF636-1 is well balanced, so you can easily and comfortably control this sander while you work. Like everything else on the MSF636-1, the dust collection is exceptional and will leave your workspace nearly spotless. Stop dreading the sanding portion of your projects. Invest in the Fein MSF636-1 and see how enjoyable sanding can be!

Fein MSF636-1 Orbital Sander
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