DeWalt D26456 Orbital Sanders

DeWalt D26456 The D26456 is one of the many incredibly popular random orbital sanders from DeWalt. This sander takes the next step and adds further innovations to the already quality DeWalt products of the past.

The D26456 features a powerful 3.5 Amp EnduraTech motor. This motor has 71% fewer parts that wear than a traditional motor, meaning it will last five to ten times longer than other sanders. Electronic Load control keeps the sander moving at a constant speed as you apply more or less pressure, and an Electronic Motor Break reduces spin down time significantly. This way you spend less time waiting for your sander to stop, and more time being productive. The D26456 also features variable speed settings so you can adjust the speed of the sander to the current sanding task. For quick removal of a lot of material, dial the D26456 up to 12,000 orbits per minute. For the final finishing touches, turn it down to 7,500.

The body design of the D26456 also sets it apart from most orbital sanders. This low-profile body type makes it easier to get into tight spaces and easier to see what you are sanding. It also has a lower center of gravity than a traditional sander, meaning more control and precision while you sand. This sander also weighs only three pounds, which means you can sand for hours with little discomfort.

Built in dust collection is provided in the form of an on-board dust bag, and a vacuum with 1 or 1 1/2 inch diameter hoses can be attached for even greater dust collection capability. A hook a loop sanding pad design makes changing grits simple, and the five inch sanding pad size is easy to find in most stores.

With all of these great features along with a three year warranty and a great price, what is not to love about the D26456 from DeWalt?

DeWalt D26456 Orbital Sander
An orbital sander packed with new innovations from a trusted brand.
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