DeWalt D26451K Orbital Sanders

DeWalt D26451K The D26451K orbital sander from DeWalt is a tough little tool. It is solidly built, and can withstand hours upon hours of hard sanding. This workhorse is fairly light and does not vibrate much, which keeps your hand from falling asleep. Aside from being a durable machine, the D26451K also provides an excellent finish. Use it with or against the grain on any grain pattern, it does not matter - this orbital sander will give you a great finish every time with little effort.

The D26451K uses sanding discs, which are much more efficient than sanders that use 1/4 or 1/3 sheets. These hook and loop discs are very easy to change out, and last much longer than sandpaper sheets. The discs cost a little more, but it is well worth it because they are easy to change in and out, are reusable, and will last for hours and hours. They are also more efficient than sandpaper.

This sander also features a clost dust collection bag, which works surprisingly well. The sanding pad has 8 dust collection holes, twice as many as most standard orbital sanders. A vacuum hose attachment is also available, which enhances the dust collection greatly. It is also very simple to take apart and clean - a big bonus and a regular maintenance step that will make this sander last even longer.

All in all, this sander is excellent. It is a well built machine that can go for hours and simply gets the job done. It leaves a great finish with little time and effort, and is well worth the investments. A 3 year limited warranty guarantees satisfaction.

DeWalt D26451K Orbital Sander
This sander can be depended on for years to come.
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