DeWalt D26441K Orbital Sanders

DeWalt D26441KThe D26441K orbital sander from DeWalt is a well built machine. With it's 2.4 amp motor and 14,000 orbits per minute it can take on a project of any size, but does best finishing wood like most palm sanders in it's category. It comes with a dust collection bag which is a nice touch, and its ergonomic design makes it very comfortable to grip and use for long periods of time. A vacuum hose can also be attached instead of using the bag, which greatly improves an already decent dust collection setup.

The D26441K takes 1/4 sandpaper as opposed to 1/3, which is nice for getting in to tight spots but reduces the overall surface area of the sander a small amount. The square sanding pad is a plus because any sandpaper can be cut to fit. The round sandpaper disks required for other sanders can be costly so this is a nice feature, and the savings over time will really add up. A three year warranty comes also comes with the purchase of a brand new D26441K, which is pretty standard for most DeWalt products and provides great peace of mind.

Overall, the D26441K is another solid product reasonably priced from DeWalt. It is comfortable to use, sandpaper changes are a breeze, and it provides a great finish without making a big mess. Few orbital sanders stack up to this sander, and we trust that you will be happy with this great DeWalt machine for years to come.

DeWalt D26441K Orbital Sander
Great for projects of any size, this sander will not let you down.
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