Bosch ROS65VC Orbital Sander

Bosch ROS65VC Orbital SanderBosch has long been known for creating powerful sanding tools that are easy and comfortable to operate. The ROS65VC is the next generation in sanding tools from Bosch, and feautres the maximum power and usability you have come to expect from this leading manufacturer.

The ROS65VC has all of the power of an orbital sander, and then some. A powerful 3.3 Amp motor removes stock quickly, while staying under control. At full speed, this machine move through material more like a belt sander than an orbital sander. A variable speed dial is provided, so you can use this versatile machine from the start of your project to finishing touches.

This orbital sander also features a brand new suspension system that is exclusive to the Bosch brand. This system reduces vibration to the absolute minimum, more than any other anti-vibration technology in other orbital sanders. Less vibration means more comfort for extended periods of sanding. It also means more handling and control while you sand, so you can make sure your workpiece turns out just right. A second handle is also provided, giving you multiple grip options to use while you work. Sand for hours on end if you need to with little to no discomfort.

Most orbital sanders on the market today provide an on board dust collection system. The also provides this feature, but what sets the ROS65VC apart is the integrated Micro-Filter. This filter eliminates even the smallest of dust particles, so your workplace stays clean and you stay healthy.

With all of these advanced features, the advantage of the ROS65VC is clear: it provides more power with more control, while eliminating more dust and providing more comfort and sanding versatility than other sanders out there. If you are in the market for a complete package sanding machine, then this orbital sander is for you.

Bosch ROS65VC Orbital Sander
An innovative sanding machine from Bosch.