Bosch 3107DVS Orbital Sanders

Bosch 3107DVS Orbital SanderBosch has long been known as one of the industry leaders when it comes to orbital sanders. For years now, they have been making high quality sanding machines at a very reasonable price. The 3107DVS model in this long line of sanding excellence. This versatile machine has everything you need for your next job.

The 3107DVS has an aggressive 3.3 Amp motor, which gives you all the power you need - up to 13,000 orbits per minute. If you are looking for less power to put a smooth finish on surface, then the 3107DVS is still the machine for you. It can be dialed down to 4,500 orbits per minute - a fraction of the top speed - so you can put the finishing touches on any project.

The 3107DVS does many things to reduce vibration and make your sanding experience as comfortable as possible. A dual-bearing hook and loop sanding pad mount all but eliminates vibration, improving comfort while extending the life of your tool. The machine itself is well balanced, and features soft grip handles on the front and back. These handles provide you with many different grip options, and are even removable so you can still get into those tight spots. Another nice touch is a switch lock so you do not have to have your finger on the trigger at all times.

The design of the 3107DVS sets it apart from traditional orbital sanders. It has a very comfortable body design, which provides multiple holding positions, both one-handed and two-handed. This is very useful if you are sanding in small space, or sanding for long periods of time. Another feature that makes sanding for extended periods more comfortable is the switch lock. This means you will not have to hold down the trigger the entire time you are sanding. This is a must have if you will be sanding for long periods of time, and just another way the 3107DVS sets itself apart from the rest.

As if the multiple speeds and positions wasn't enough versatility, the 3107DVS also provides you with the ability to polish. A buffer attachment can easily be fitted onto the 3107DVS, giving this machine even more capabilities than before.

Just like all of the Bosch orbital sanders, this machine features a ball-bearing design, meaning it will last for years to come. In case you are still not sold, it also comes with a 1-year warranty. See why the Bosch 3107DVS is one of the highest quality orbital sanders available today.

Bosch 3107DVS Random Orbital Sander
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