Black & Decker RO410K Orbital Sanders

Black & Decker RO410K Orbital SanderThe RO410K orbital sander from Black & Decker is a very affordable sander, perfect for the weekend woodworker in all of us. The 2.4 Amp motor does not provide as much power as some of its counterparts from Bosch or Porter-Cable, but unless you are trying to remove a lot of material it will not be a problem. Two areas where the RO410K excels are comfort and dust collection. The jug handle design fits your hand nicely, and makes sanding a joy instead of a chore. Three gripping areas ensure comfort no matter what angle you are sanding at, and sanding time is reduced significantly because it is so easy to use. You can even use this sander with one hand if you choose, it's that comfortable and easy to control. Cloth dust bags usually do a mediocre job collecting dust, but this sander is different. The dust collection unit actually works very well, making the vacuum hose attachment that is available separately virtually unneccessary. Changing the sandpaper is a breeze for even a novice craftsman. The carrying case is a nice bonus, although there is no place to put your extra sanding disks, or the vacuum attachment if you buy it.

Overall, this sander is perfect for small jobs. If you are planning on doing small projects and sanding for only 15-30 minutes at a time, the RO410K is an excellent choice for you. If you need to sand through a lot of wood for a long amount of time, look elsewhere for something with more power.

Black & Decker RO410K Orbital Sander
Comfortable, easy to use sander for the novice woodworker. Read more at by clicking here.