Orbital Sander Reviews - The Best Orbital Sanders

Black & Decker 1295DVSK Orbital Sander

Black & Decker RO410K Orbital Sanders

The RO410K from Black & Decker is a perfect sander for small sanding jobs around the home. This affordable sander is easy to use and very comfortable in your hands.

Bosch 1295DVSK

Bosch 1295DVSK Orbital Sanders

The 1295DVSK from Bosch delivers superior quality and durability without breaking the bank. Enough power to handle sanding projects big and small with little effort.

DeWalt D26453K

DeWalt D26453K Orbital Sanders

The D26453K from DeWalt truly is a complete orbital sander. Use it to put the final touches on a project or get through the dirty work in a hurry. Either way, this sander can do it all.

Fein MSF636-1 Orbital Sander

Fein MSF636-1 Orbital Sanders

The MSF636-1 orbital sander is truly a sander in it's own class. This sanding machine is the most powerful orbital sander on the market, and the dust extraction capabilities are unmatched. Save up to 30% of your sanding time by using the super powerful MSF636-1.

Festool RO 150 FEQ Rotex

Festool RO 150 FEQ Rotex Orbital Sanders

The RO 150 FEQ Rotex orbital sander has all of the power you need to tackle any sanding task. A rotary mode gives you the same power you would find in a belt sander or angle grinder, while more traditional random orbit modes give you what you need to take your project to the finish.

Hitachi SV12SG

Hitachi SV12SG Orbital Sanders

The SV12SG features a lightweight, ultra-comfortable design that will have you sanding for hours. Couple that with excellent dust collection and this sander is a winner.

Kawasaki 840247

Kawasaki 840247 Orbital Sanders

The 840247 orbital sander is a great alternative to the bigger brand names out there. This little machine has all of the feature you would expect from a more expensive orbital sander, but at a very competitive price.

Makita BO6030

Makita BO6030 Orbital Sanders

The intelligently designed BO6030 sander will save your hands from vibration and fatigue. It is perfect for all types of sanding, and can reach even the tighest spots with it's removable secondary handle.

Metabo SXE400

Metabo SXE400 Orbital Sanders

The SXE400 orbital sander is a sanding machine that fits a specific need. If you find yourself frustrated because you are unable to reach certain spots on your workpiece with a traditional orbital sander, then this sander is right for you.

Milwaukee 6021-21

Milwaukee 6021-21 Orbital Sanders

This beefy machine is the newest orbital sander from Milwaukee, and is a continuation of the 6020-21 model. It really packs power, feels sturdy in your hands and does not disappoint whether removing a large amount of stock or applying a nice finishing touch.

Porter-Cable 343K

Porter-Cable 343K Orbital Sanders

The 343K is a durable sander that will work hard for you for years to come. Many features come along with this sander, including a vacuum hose port for dust collection. All this for a very affordable price.

Ridgid ZRR2611

Ridgid ZRR2611 Orbital Sanders

The ZRR2611 orbital sander is a high quality sanding machine. This power tool is well-constructed and features the enhanced power and versatility the serious woodworker needs.

Ryobi ZRRS290

Ryobi ZRRS290 Orbital Sanders

The ZRRS290 orbital sander from Ryobi is a great sander for the cost-concious consumer. These durable little sanders simply get the job done, and are very simple to use even for the greenest of woodworkers.

Skil 7492

Skil 7492 Orbital Sanders

The 7492 orbital sander is an excellent value. It features many new technologies, such as micro-filtration, and a pressure control system. Combine these with the durability of Skil products and an excellent price, and this sander is a very attractive option.