Before You Use A Power Sander

There are many type of power sanders out there. But before we get into them, there are certain safety measures you should take before doing any woodworking project with a sander. Follow these easy steps to finish your project safely:

1. Wear eye and ear protection when operating power sanders. Ear plugs will work, but we recommend heavy duty noise canceling headphones. Many power sanders are very loud, especially when they first are turned on. Eye protection should be safety goggles with complete eye protection, including on the sides. There is nothing worse than sawdust in your eye.

2. Wear respiratory protection, such as a disposable respirator. Disposable respirators can be purchased for a very cheap price, and a nicer respirator is worth the investment if you plan to do a lot of sanding. Do not overlook this crucial step.

3. Do not wear loose clothing or jewelry. Long hair should be tucked or put up in some way.

4. Be sure to be in a room with adequate ventilation. Use appropriate dust collection systems. Many sanders will come with a vacuum hose attachment, or a dust collection bag of their own.

5. Never force a sander by pushing down too hard. The weight of the tool should provide adequate pressure on the workpiece. Forcing can cause overheating, kickback, stalling or burning. Worse, you could injure yourself.

6. Secure the workpiece before using a portable electric sander, using a vise or clamp. This will keep you safe and keep your piece from being damaged.

There you have it. Follow these easy steps and you will be on your way to completing your next woodworking project safely and successfully.